January 6, 2010

Y U MAD? 10 things women complain about...but I'd still smash

1. Crying for equality, but then get mad when they're not treated differently.

2. Fawning over and wanting to fuck supernatural beings when they're fictional. (you don't see us wanting to fuck a mermaid)

3. Trying to be shoe heads with heels

4. Trying to act like sex in the city broads. (WHORES!)

5. ...then get mad at terms like slut or whore because they are indeed that or trying to be that.

6. Think they know all the answers...but they don't.

7. When girls takes a girl's side just because she's a girl

8. ...then playa hates and rags on same girl for being prettier/cuter/sexier

9. Too many assumptions. For example, a guy says they're the best at something. Women automatically assume you're putting them down. Like what the fuck? I just said I'm the best, I didn't put you down.

10. Claiming to be independent, then go around saying you can't find a good man aka guy who makes bank. Independent means you got your own house, own car, two jobs work hard you's a bad broad. Check, Beyonce is independent, she got all her own shit.

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