January 7, 2010

Testgate Scandal

Here are some points made about the whole issue regarding Manny and Floyd:

Taken from 411mania.com

Imagine if Kobe Bryant decided that there's no way Lebron and Shaq aren't on PEDs. Lebron is just too incredibly fast, and athletic for a guy his size. Shaq shouldn't be able to put up a 10 and 7, at age 37, while only playing a little over 20 minutes a game, after 17 years in the league. What if Kobe says that he wants random blood tests on these two, or he isn't playing them? What about Dwight Howard? He's a physical freak. No guy his size should be able to jump like that right? What if Kobe and Laker management picked certain players and refused to play them unless they submitted to extra random blood tests; tests Kobe's willing to take himself, but not otherwise required by the league? Outside of Kobe groupies, any rational observer will think his position is unreasonable, petty, and full of crap. David Stern would tell Kobe to go blow himself, and threaten to fine him into bankruptcy unless he appeared for the games.

The analogy can go toward any sport, or any situation. It's a variation of the ole "How long have you been beating your wife, y
ou haven't?....prove it."

If Manny and Top R
ank have made any mistakes since this issue broke, it's that they've given too many statements and excuses. He should have given one statement, "Dear Floyd Mayweather and Golden Boy, Fuck you. I'll do whatever is required for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and state sanctioning bodies--no more no less."

From Yahoo

When Golden Boy (the company) represented Shane Mosley, an "accidental" (he said) steroid user in the Balco scandal for his fight against Zab Judah, it was Mr. Schaefer who babbled: "Whatever test the Nevada Commission wants Shane will take but we are not going to do other tests (as Judah demanded). Shane is not a cheater and does not need to be treated like one."

What happened? What's the difference between Mosley and Pacquiao?

What do you think?

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