December 29, 2009

Top 5 list (Why L hates Brett Favre)

1. lucky
Bastard closes his eyes when he passes hoping his balls get caught.

2. overrated
Commentators all over his nut sack like flies on rice. Selfish bastard putting his record before his team. Some iron man, if you can't throw the ball why you in the game? You're the fucking QB!!!

3. diva
Thinks he's better than everyone including teammates, GM, owner, owner's baby, owner's baby mama...etc.

4. baby
Quote from

"Brett Favre had a seizure during a hospital visit because he was "addicted" to the same medicine.
What a WUSS!"

5. women making decision skills
Always holding press conferences for every little thing like his 2463164313 time he retires and the 896132684113 time he comes back. You gonna fucking retire or not?! GDAMN IT!

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